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Committed to Recycling

We ensure that all paper collected goes directly to Paper Mills without any leakage to other industries.

Competitive Rates

Value realised by cutting out intermediaries is passed on to customers in the form of better rates.

Enhanced Apartment Security

Unique Roaster based fixed day pick up model provides an efficient tracking mechanism to CGHS Management.

Sell Paper@Rs.12/kg

With no intermediaries in paper cycle, customer gets the best value.

Technology at core

App (in progress) based scheduler ensures that customers are intimated 1 day prior to their scheduled pick up.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Reliable staff trained to provide good service and capture customer feedback for potential improvement.

Accurate Weighing

Trusted employees coupled with accurate weighing machines and mobile app for reconciling pick up with consolidated weight ensures customer is not cheated.

Apartment Safety

Scrapped restricts outsider entry on all weekends and random pickups to fixed pick up days. Police Verified employees add to security layer.

Price List

Our Process

Our Unique Roaster Based Model provides defined pick up days to all customers thereby bringing in efficiency to collection process.

Our app based process with stringent checks ensures that every bit of paper collected gets recycled.


India recycles only 26% of used paper

1000 kgs of recycled paper can save 4000 Kilowatt of electricity, which is enough to power 1500 average Indian homes for 1 day

Recycling 1000 kgs of paper saves 17 Trees, 1400 Litre of oil and 26000 Litre of water

17 trees saved by recycling 1000kgs of paper can absorb 250 pounds of CO2 from air each year. Burning the same ton of paper would create 1500 pounds of CO2

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